EVIDENCE BASED            



Our evidence based supplementation takes out the guessing game and instead assess your body using cutting edge technology to formulate your supplements.

The personalized supplements are made in a government regulated pharmacy. Each formulation is custom tailored to address your priority, advisory, consider deficiencies, and systems from each hair scan report.

Synergistic Effect

The whole food powder activates pancreatic enzyme production to support the rapid absorption of the highly potent adaptogens capsules. Each powder and capsule blends are designed to stimulate synergistic action, to address the person specific needs.


Each custom supplement order comes with a 30-day plant-based powder and a 30-day supply of herbal capsules. With each hair scan report you will get a new formulation to address the newer priorities. It is recommended that each you repeat the hair scan every 60-90 days.


By addressing your priorities every 90 days, you give the body the best chance to prevent health issues from arising.

Plant-Based Powder

We use whole food plant-based ingredients in each formulation to ensure your customer’s get the highest bio-availability. The powder includes each of the nutritional deficiencies that arise in each hair scan report.


Adaptogen Capsules

The adaptogen formulations are highly potent and would not taste good in the powder, so they are encapsulated. These adaptogen formulas are designed to support the systems affected in the hair scan report.

Plant-Based Personalized Blend

Plant-Based Personalized Blend


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