Drink less empty water


What we are referring to is water that has been stripped during the filtration process of all its natural minerals. All water that comes from natural sources contains minerals, and that is how our body is designed to absorb it.

There is a simple solution to putting minerals back into our EMPTY WATER. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is available in all grocery stores these days. It is pink because it has 86+ trace minerals in it, versus Iodized salt (table salt).

How to use: Put a pinch into all water you drink. Enough to where you can notice the change in texture, but not enough to where you taste a strong salt.

Now your cells can absorb the water more effectively and you'll be more hydrated + get the benefits of more minerals in your body.

Dr. Thomas Bige MD/ND has formulated a product called HYDROMATE. Only available in Australia or at Dynamic Health's shop. Check it out, it contains all your essential minerals and is a concentrate you put into your water! #sportsdrink #electrolytedrink

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