Epigenetic Hair Follicle Analysis

A dramatic Step Forward in Monitoring Wellness, Balance and Energy

Technology has changed our lives in many ways, the health industry has benefited greatly from these innovations. New breakthroughs in screening techniques and equipment allow us to combine Western Medicine with the wisdom and insights of Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine. This gives us deeper and richer understanding of what is going on in our body and how to return you back into balance. Epigenetic hair analysis is new technology growing in popularity and transforming how we look at wellness and vitality.

Hair Follicle Analysis – Gaining Momentum

Hair follicle analysis is gaining momentum. Law enforcement, employers and NASA now

use this robust and effective biomarker. It offers both a short and long-term look at how you are interacting with your environment. This is especially important in the harsh environments of outer space. While the environment on earth is not nearly as harsh there are a rapidly growing number of toxins that are affecting your energy and vitality.

Prevention has Never More Important

Never in history has your wellness baseline been more important to assess. New equipment, known as the Epigenetic Follicle Scanning Device, uses four-five hairs with the roots pulled from the back of your neck. These are then placed on a sophisticated scanning platform which assess your hair’s energy signature. The data is then sent to a processing center for thorough analysis. This is a simple process that can be completed in the comfort of your home with a mail in hair kit and a pair of tweezers. The report identifies each nutrient deficiencies, environmental challenges, such as excess wireless radiation, what foods to avoid and the food you need more of to balance your health.

26-Page Wellness Report

This is a unique and effective study which gives you a robust evaluation with actionable

data. This is a non-medical diagnostic evaluation offering unique advantages over conventional blood testing. The most important insight is the ability to give clear nutritional feedback. This feedback includes a 26-page report that shows your nutritional priorities and which whole food plant-based supplements you need to address them.

Actionable Data

Each system in our body is reliant on a balance of nutrients for optimal function. Based on your deficiencies the report will highlight which systems in your body are affected. There is a total of 22 systems ranging from digestion, brain health, sleep, cardiovascular, and gut health.

By getting such detailed feedback we can identify reasons why you may not feel like yourself, instead of being told, "everything looks fine on your test results." 95% of traditional blood tests come back as normal and offer no actionable data to promote wellness, balance or vitality.

Seven Years of Experience

Integrative Health Coach Fabien Hronec, way ahead of his time, has been providing the hair analysis for seven years and has analyzed thousands of hair follicles.

"It still gives me chills when a new client comes in with ailments, who has tried all conventional testing, has been told they are fine, and a hair analysis report shows imbalances that relate to their symptoms". Fabien Hronec

Calibrated for Prevention

The epigenetic hair analysis is unique because it is calibrated for prevention. The goal is to catch your deficiencies in the early stages before they become a problem. It is becoming more clearly understood that most of the health concerns develop from a lack of nutrients and exposure to toxins that have been persisted over a long period of time forcing the body to compensate and eventually causing chronic issues.

By completing a hair analysis test every 90 days you will catch deficiencies early, potentially preventing major health concerns from arising. As you continue to get new foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations, your body can continue to adapt and thrive. Your environment changes constantly, take control of your own health with a non-invasive hair analysis.

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