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The Best of All Medicines

Dr. Thomas Bige has been studying, practicing, and specializes in traditional medicine modalities for over the last 40 years. He is an internationally respected expert in;

  • Integrated Naturopathic Diagnostics.

  • Guided Self-Detoxification Methods.

  • Pregnancy Preparation.

  • Drug-Free Performance Enhancement.

  • Energy Medicine.

  • Person-Specific Diet/Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching.

His methods integrate diagnostic and treatment protocols by combining the principles of Allopathic/Naturopathic/Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has developed a unique four-dimensional diagnostic method called, 4D Diagnostics™. The function of this method is to help people by identifying and treating the cause of their symptoms on 4 levels, physical, emotional, intellectual, and Epigenetic – Environmental.

As the creator of this method Dr. Thomas teaches his own method to identify and treat the cause of ones’ symptoms by combining our forefathers’ wisdom with modern technology to coach individuals to use their own body-mind self-healing capacity. His vision is to establish a unified health coaching-network that focus on educating and guiding their clients how to become proactive in preventative self-care.

Early Years

Dr. Bige was born in war torn Hungary just 10 days after his father took his life, just 3 years after his release from a Siberian POW camp, after WW II. His father was very sick and emotionally devastated from seeing his country and family persecuted and killed due to his family’s involvement in ruling Hungary before World War II. He took his life to protect his pregnant wife from being identified and persecuted for something she had never done. Dr. Thomas credits his survival to the fact that his mother’s family managed to hide him and his mother in the capital city by changed their names four times before Dr. Thomas could reclaim his birth name on his 18th birthday.

Dr. Thomas has born with many health problems that lead to him being wheelchair bound at the age of 4, following a bout of rheumatoid fever. By the age of 8, doctors told his mother to take him home from the hospital and prepare for his funeral. As a last hope his mother accepted the offer of her late husband’s family doctor (one of the five ‘Bone Smiths’ or Master Healers in Hungary), to apply his remedies to try to save Thomas from death. Within 3 months he was out of his wheelchair and proceeded to collect many trophies from sporting competitions, including two national boxing titles and a EU gold medal in the Pentathlon, Berlin 1974.

When his mother asked the Healer how she could re-pay him for this miracle, the doctor said “I have no son, let me teach your son what I know with the hope that he will follow in my footsteps to continue teaching others when I’m gone”. Since then Thomas accepted the offer at the age of 15 was already starting to treat people. By the age of 18 he had graduated from college with a formal education in Naturopathy and Herbalism.

Award Winning Doctor

He went on to study medicine at the University of Medicine in Budapest, but after 2 years the communist regime forced him into compulsory defence duties in the Army. So as to continue his studies during this time, he joined the Army’s Air Ambulance Squadron and graduated as an “Emergency Doctor” in 1975. He continued his study earning two more medical degrees to become a “Doctor of Medicine” with Honours at the Academy of Armed Forces, then completed his residency in surgery to earn the title of “Doctor of Surgery” at the Armed Forces Hospital in Budapest, in 1978.

His interests turned to gastroenterology and Dr. Thomas entered his documented work on a pioneering concept for treating diabetes, entitled “The Possible Link of Liver/Gallbladder Malfunctions in the Development of Diabetes” into the “1978 Innovative Ideas in Medical Science Award” offered by the World Health Organization (WHO). He won first prize for this discovery.

Joining the World Health Organization & Medicines Sans Frontiers

As encouragement to continue his research, Thomas was invited by the World Health Organization, and sponsored by the York University in Toronto to join an expedition in British-Columbia (Canada), to investigate the unknown reason of diabetes in the Eskimo communities.

The Hungarian government’s refusal to approve his Army Officer’s application to leave the country did not deter him and he escaped from Hungary to join the expedition anyway. This act brought the Hungarian Army, who were controlled by USSR, to produce a declaration of death sentence for Dr. Thomas. To reduce the chances for execution by the KGB, in 1980 he joined the Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) Agency in Vienna and ended up migrating to Australia in 1981. During the next 5 years he was chased by secret service agents and survived three assassination attempts until the communist rule ended in Hungary and the new government dismissed his sentence.

Thomas continued to move around the world serving the World Health Organization as a volunteer doctor in 11 countries. This led to a golden opportunity to master his skills and to continue learning more in every country. In order to advance his knowledge in natural medicine modalities, he studied Mayan Medicine in South America, Ayurveda in India, Chinese Traditional Medicine in China and Riodoraku in Japan.

During this time, Dr. Thomas met countless inspiring people, from dignitaries, leaders of countries, celebrities, activists, and humanitarians. He became an adoring friend of Jacques Yves Cousteau and his son Philippe Cousteau, was mentored by Professor David Suzuki, Professor Bruce Lipton, Dr. James L D’Adamo, Dr. Jorgen Bernard Jensen, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Joel Wallach, and many other eagles in their field of expertise and vision.

As he visited remote villages, he spent time with the tribes local healers in Mongolia, China, Japan, India, Thailand, the Amazon, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Kenya, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Salomon Islands, Cook Islands, where he learned how to use to utilize, as well the importance of nature’s medicines in these isolated societies that have no access to modern medicine. Some of the nature’s medicines included the Neem tree in India, the dirt collected from the roots of Medicine Trees in Papua New Guinea, sea-animals in Japan and Pacific Islands, herbs and earth minerals from all around the world

He spent time with Monks deep in the Himalayas, Tibet, Thailand, Bhutan, and was invited to spend time with the Dalai Lama in Dharamshala. He also spent time treating the Royal Family of Bhutan and Thailand. It was a time of incredible personal growth, quenching his unrelenting thirst for knowledge of natural alternatives to heal and thrive.

In the Present

Dr. Thomas current focus is to establishing a world-wide, online education-platform to promote our forefathers’ wisdom using modern technologies. His vision is to establish a unified network of healthcare providers, whom are using selected diagnostic and treatment devices, backed by person-specific natural supplements, individually tailored to people’s needs.

He is the Managing Director of Health Coach Centre (QLD) Pty. Ltd. in Australia, Principal of AIM Academy and the HealthGuard Foundation, registered in AU and Founding Partner in CAMtek Health P/L in AU and DH Wellness Group in Florida US. He also has his own herbal Dispensary in Au, with a wide range of self-formulated natural supplements, under the brand name of “Dr.T’s Remedies”.

A message from Fabien Hronec, Founder of Dynamic Health LLC

Since 2010 Dr. Thomas has been mentoring and passing along his knowledge to me as his protégé, so I can carry on his legacy through Dynamic Health. To me he is family and we are very fortunate to have Dr. Thomas on our team. Any time a client is going through major or even minor health concerns, I will consult with Dr. Thomas to utilize his protocols to benefit our clients.

I felt like it was important for current and future clients who are using Dynamic Health's program to know the mind behind our system, recommendations, and support. This is a system that has been successfully utilized since 2000 by Dr. Thomas in Australia.

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