Digital Detox Kit by Humanity Upgrade

Everything you need for 5 days in 1 kit.


Standard Starter Plan: One Month Plan.

Recommended if you want to lose 1-10 pounds

The Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox Standard Starter Plan is a 5-day, one-month, Cellular Reset Program. It reverses digital-age toxicity by promoting cellular rejuvenation, DNA vitalization, fat loss, and stem cell activation all while conserving bone and muscle mass. Offer the most effective way to counteract modern-day “toxic energies” – EMF, ELF, and RF.



Digital Detox (1 Kit)
10 Delicious Soups (2 of each): Campari Tomato Parsley, Superfood Vegetable Quinoa Stew, Portobello Mushroom Soup, Superfood Quinoa Soup and Sweet Pepper Quinoa Soup 
4 Svgs. of Dried Fruits: Blueberries, Cranberries & Elderberries
15 Wellness Teas: Breakfast Revive Tea, Detox Herbal Tea, and Rest Well Tea
6 Svgs. of Seeds: Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds
4 Svgs. of Tigernut Crackers: Cinnamon Tigernut Crackers, and Italian Herb Tigernut Crackers.
5 Svgs. of Kalamata Olives 

Digi Pills (30 Day Supply)
Digi Pills is a proprietary blend of superfoods inspired by NASA and designed to help mitigate the ravages of daily exposure to EMF. Chlorella and spirulina are supported by cilantro, celery, kale, apple pectin, meringo, and barley to provide a rich array of cellular healing and protection. These ingredients provide a nutritional boost to cellular health. Digi Pills have been proven to help radiation levels in people.





Digital Detox Kit by Humanity Upgrade

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