The road to better health starts here with a comprehensive look into your current health. The consultation uses feedback from your health forms, our Epigenetic hair analysis, and the Heart Rate Variability scan to create a plan to optimize your health. Dynamic Health will provide all the tools you need to fast track your results. In this 60 minute consultation we will do 2 non-invasive scans and go over the results all within this consult. 


There are 4 steps to this consultation:


  1. Fill out Metabolic Health Forms - Feedback from you on Health, Diet, and Lifestyle
  2. Epigenetic Hair Scan - This analysis is going to show us your priority deficient nutrients, and which systems are affected by them. Results come back within 15 minutes.
  3. Heart Rate Variable Scan - This analysis will show us each meridian and if they are functioning in the low, normal, or high range. Results are instant after then scan is completed. 
  4. Solutions & Protocols - Based on your feedback you will receive a program to follow for the next 90 days that includes protocols to address each priority.





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